Meet Gabby

Gabby is a sweet girl I got from Poland. She has nice bloodlines behind her.  No white showing in her eyes like you see in some! She is a little bit on the smaller side with a compact body. Nice short little nose and shorter legs than some. I can’t wait to see her gorgeous puppies! 

Meet Talia

Talia is one I have raised from birth. She is a good size, at about 16 – 17 pounds. So right in the normal range. Pretty eyes! I’m sure she will have beautiful, gorgeous offspring as well! 

I have retired both her mom and dad to loving homes after this litter. Mom, it was just time for her to retire, and with dad, I hated to place him because he has most of the bloodlines I’ve had here. I just had too many boys!   

Meet Kiona

Kiona is another one that I have kept from Stella and Ceasar. She is on the smaller side as well. She is filling out compared to where she was. Love her look! Again, nice dark eyes. I have retired her mom to a wonderful home. Her dad Caesar is still here and going strong at 11 years old! Anxious to see her puppies as well!